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A simple, yet powerful cloud app that allows the surgeon to enter the booking form online and everyone adds to that form to track all milestones including authorization, pre-operative assessment, equipment, surgical details, and even coding with export to Excel.
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27%-58% of all cases you indicate never get to the OR. With SurgiTrak this number almost goes away!
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See the progress of every case with table and calendar views in an intuitive cloud desktop/laptop app.
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What it Does

  • Every surgical indication is tracked do you no longer lose patients

  • Follows the surgery patient from indication through billing

  • Gives you surgical coordinator the tool they always needed

  • Monitor milestones, authorizations, and even equipment

  • Option to give device company representative access to key sections to coordinate care

  • As a bonus, with one click, you can produce an operative dictation!

How it Does it

  • Cloud-based so you and your surgical coordinator or always in sync.

  • Produces reports that give you real business intelligence

  • HIPPA-secure and cyber-insured

  • View dashboards or get Excel reports daily, weekly, and/or monthly

  • Table and calendar views

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