DTCCloud Apps in Healthcare

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Develop any form you want and we get it up on the web for patients to fill out. The forms can be housed on your practice website or on a branded web page on our website.
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Within minutes you are up and running collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes or patient evaluation and satisfaction surveys. Stay ahead of the curve in this important area.
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Receive standard and advanced reports and analysis on a regular basis. Even receive information entered in forms in real time to view or download in an Excel format.
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What it Does

  • Develop any time of form and put it on the web

  • Collect research questionnaires

  • Patient outcomes and surveys are simple to collect

  • Use PROForms in an office kiosk

How it Does it

  • HIPPA-secure and cyber-insured

  • View dashboards or get Excel reports daily, weekly, and/or monthly

  • Produces reports that give you real business intelligence

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