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Your practice is booked up in office hours with no more room for surgical referrals from key referral doctors. ViaVisit solves this problem- A Doctor-To-Doctor Direct Referral web app.
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You identify key referral docs and ViaVisit does the rest. ViaVisit separates out reserved appointments for these referrers and allows them to book directly into these slots from their office.
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Get immediate notification of referrals and regular reporting in table and calendar views of usage.
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What it Does

  • Indentify referral doctors and give then appointment slots

  • Have the referral doc make his/her own appointments

  • Always have open slots for surgical referrals

How it Does it

  • HIPPA-secure and cyber-insured

  • View dashboards or get Excel reports daily, weekly, and/or monthly

  • Works around any EMR system

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