DTCCloud Apps in Healthcare

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Encapture Basic

Built-in Function

$199 / month
Standard Pre-made Forms
Patient-Reported Pain Scores
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Homecare Nursing/PT Eval
Standard Reporting
Hosted on DTC Patient Site

Encapture Pro

Custom with Analysis

$399 / month
All Features of Basic Plan
Up to 6 More Custom Forms
Patient-Reported Outcomes
Evaluator Program*
Advanced Reporting
Branded Webpage on DTC Site
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Surgitrak Basic

For One Surgeon

$199 / month
Surgeon Booking Form
Surgical Booker License
Authorization & Equipment
One Surgeon Calendar View
Coding with Excel Export
Standard Reporting Package

Surgitrak Pro

For Multiple Surgeons

$399 / month
Custom Surgical Booking Form
Surgical Booker + 2 licenses
Administrative View
Multi-surgeon calendar view
Coding with Excel Export
Advanced Reporting Package
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PROForms Basic

$199 / month
3 Patient- Entry Survey Forms
Includes a National Standard Form
Excel Reports by Email

PROForms Pro

$399 / month
All features of PROForms Basic
Add 3 Custom Surveys
Access to Run Custom Reports
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ViaVisit Basic

For One Surgeon

$199 / month
2 Referral Sources
10 Appointments a Weeks
Standard Reports

ViaVisit Pro

For a Multi-Surgeon Practice

$399 / month
10 Referral Sources
Unlimited Appointments
Access to Add Appointments
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EMR Templates

$399 Complete
Over 2000 Templates
Template Book 2nd Edition
Full Electronic File

EMR Template Bundle

Book plus 1 service Limited Time Only (through may 1, 2015)

$199 / month
Get the EMR Template Book Free
Add any DTC Product
Continue for a year
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2 Services

$20 off / month
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3 Services

$35 off / month
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4 Services

$50 off / month
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